Into Kildare Embarks on Successful UK Sales Mission to Promote County Kildare's Hospitality Outlets and Conference Venues - IntoKildare
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Into Kildare, the official County Kildare Tourism Board, recently embarked on a successful sales mission to promote various hospitality outlets and conference venues across County Kildare. Áine Mangan, CEO of Into Kildare, and Chloe Kimmins, Marketing Executive, represented the organisation during the mission held in two major UK cities, London and Manchester.

The primary objective of the sales mission was to showcase County Kildare as a prime destination for business events and conferences. Into Kildare presented to over 50 qualified Key Meeting Incentive Conference and Events (MICE) buyers through one-to-one presentations. Their presentations emphasised Kildare as an ideal location for business ventures, given its strategic proximity to Dublin.

Áine Mangan, CEO of Into Kildare, stated, “Our sales mission aimed to highlight the exceptional offerings of County Kildare in the conference and event category. We wanted to showcase the unparalleled opportunities available for businesses and organisations seeking a dynamic and accessible location for their events. County Kildare’s strategic position relative to Dublin makes it an attractive choice for both domestic and international gatherings.”

During the sales mission, Into Kildare also had the opportunity to meet with members of the Kildare tourism network. Among those encountered was Christian Schmelter from the Springfield Hotel, underscoring the collaborative efforts within the local tourism industry to promote County Kildare as a premier destination for visitors and businesses alike.

The successful sales mission reaffirms Into Kildare’s commitment to promoting the diverse offerings of County Kildare’s hospitality sector. With its picturesque landscapes, world-class amenities, and strategic location, County Kildare continues to emerge as a top choice for conferences, events, and business gatherings.

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