The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience - Trevor Smith & Friends in Low Places - IntoKildare
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Join in for an amazing night our at the Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience!

Friends In Low Places – The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience has been performing in venues across Ireland, the UK and Europe and has been receiving an overwhelming reaction. At ‘Friends In Low Places’ live, you can expect to hear all of Garth Brooks’ greatest hits such as “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, Friends In Low Places”, “The Dance” and many more… Trevor Smith and his band replicate the energetic live performances that Garth is renowned for. For Garth Brooks fans and all music lovers, this show is a must see and promises the next best thing to the man himself!

Lub Westgrove Hotel have also made a fantastic package for you to make a weekend of it 👉The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience Show Package

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