The Illegals with Niamh Kavanagh - IntoKildare
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The Illegals with Niamh Kavanagh


Let us take you back to 1980: … Eagles and Fleetwood Mac served-up two of the best live double-albums of all time.

Widely regarded as one of the best live tribute acts in the country, The Illegals are back at in 2022 with their ever-popular classic-rock revival show replicating the sound of the world’s two greatest rock bands.

The best of two legendary bands in one night – and a little more besides…

Songs like “Hotel California”, “Go Your Own Way”, “Life In The Fast Lane”, “Don’t Stop”, “Take It Easy”, “Say That You Love Me”, “Last Resort, “The Chain” and “New Kid In Town”

The Illegals are a band of experienced musicians performing mostly in theatres and rock venues throughout the country from Coleraine to Cork, putting on a formidable show and giving thousands of fans an experience they won’t forget.

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Tej zaum 21, 2022
Lub sij hawm
8: 00 pm UTC

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Txoj Kev Main
Nroog Kildare
Wb 12d962



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