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The Esposito Quartet


The Esposito Quartet comprises four of our most distinguished musicians with a combined wealth of experience as recital artists, orchestral leaders and teachers, who have been playing as a quartet since 2010.

This programme includes:
Mozart – Quartet in F major K.590
Ian Wilson – ‘Across a Clear Blue Sky’
Korngold – Quartet No.1

Ian Wilson’s ‘Across a clear blue sky’ was written in 2009, inspired by Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘Horace and the Thunder’, written following the attacks on New York’s World Trade Centre on 11th September 2001. The Esposito Quartet opens this autumn season with performances of the work marking the twentieth anniversary of that atrocity. The programme opens with Mozart’s great F major quartet from 1790, famously written for the cellist King of Prussia and concludes with Korngold’s first quartet, completed in Vienna in 1923. This beautiful quartet lives in the fairytale sound world of late romanticism (Schoenberg’s Verklarte Nacht is recalled, especially in the slow movement) and also clearly holds the seeds which led to Korngold’s later fame as a film composer.

This event takes place in Chaw Tos Dej Hauv Ntug Dej with limited capacity. Please click no kom paub meej ntxiv.

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Cuaj hlis 10, 2021
Lub sij hawm
8: 00 pm UTC

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Chaw Tos Dej Hauv Ntug Dej
Txoj Kev Main
Nroog Kildare
Wb 12d962


€ 15 - € 18

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