Spies, Rebels & Informers 2 - IntoKildare
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Neeg soj xyuas Rebels & Informers

Neeg soj xyuas, Rebels & Informers 2

A free online event featuring presentations by Brian Hand, and Liz Gillis. It closes with a presentation by Seamus Cullen on Ned Broy – The Spy from Rathangan.

Brian Hand’s presentation Once an Intelligence Officer always an Intelligence Officer examines the post conflict careers of Pre-Truce IRA Intelligence Officers – in particular those of Liam Tobin and Joe McGrath. In Women and the Intelligence War Lis Gillis takes a detailed look at the contribution of women to the intelligence war, challenging accounts which render women invisible, obscure their contributions and ignore the risks they took. Seamus Cullen’s presentation – Ned Broy – The Spy from Rathangan focuses on Broy’s role as an advisor to Collins when he was building up his intelligence unit and Broy’s work as a double agent.


Hlis ntuj nqeg 4, 2021
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10: 00 AM - 1: 00 pm UTC

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