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Seven Ages of Mam


A new, heart-warmingly funny yet poignant play starring Pauline O’Driscoll (SmalltownThe Young Offenders) in which Mam shares her hilarious take on motherhood, sexuality, grief, infidelity, ageing, love, lust and loneliness.

A female-centric piece that will appeal to all. A contemporary reimagining of Shakespeare’s most famous soliloquy – but from a Mam’s point of view!

Finally touring in Ireland for the first time having garnered rave reviews and been nominated BEST NEW PLAY at its World Premiere at Brighton Fringe Festival in 2019.

Written by Pauline O’Driscoll & Mark Evans
Directed by Tom Kibbe
Performed by Pauline O’Driscoll

 “MUST SEE SHOW … wondrously inventive exploration of motherhood, grief, lust, heartbreak and joy….”– Simon Jenner, FringeReview

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Lub kaum hli ntuj 1, 2021
Lub sij hawm
8: 00 pm UTC

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Txoj Kev Main
Nroog Kildare
Wb 12d962


€ 15 - € 18

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