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Legends Tsev khaws puav pheej

Racing Legends Tsev khaws puav pheej


The Racing Legends Museum at Kildare Court House will open on Saturday June 18th at 2pm. The Museum has a unique collection of racing memorabilia, silks, trophies and videos of thoroughbred horses of the past along with information on some of the famous Irish Derby jockeys.

In 2022, the horse Old Vic will be specially commemorated. Old Vic was winner of the Irish Derby in 1989 and was ridden by American jockey Steve Cauthen. A special collection has been gathered to commemorate this famous horse.

Entry to the museum is free. The museum opens daily from 10am to 4pm each day except Saturday June 25th and Sunday 26th whereby the opening times are 10am to 12 midday due to the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby races at the Curragh.


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10: 00 AM - 4: 00 pm UTC

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