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Perfumes (Les Parfums)


Guillaume is a divorced, private chauffeur, desperately trying to make ends meet so that he can afford a larger apartment, in the hopes of winning joint custody of his daughter. He is assigned a demanding new client, Anne, a once-famous professional “nose” in the world of perfume design.

When Guillaume proves himself to be no pushover in the face of Anne’s normal diva-like behaviour, she begins to soften towards him and this odd couple’s initial fractious meetings quickly develop into a mutual respect. Can Guillaume help Anne overcome her own anxieties and relaunch her career?

Featuring winning performances from the always reliable Devos and Call My Agent!’s Montel, this French comedy-drama is charming, elegant and refreshing.

Tickets €7 (early bird, online) or €9 (at the door).

Note: in line with new Government guidelines, you will be required to show your EU COVID Certificate and Valid ID for entry to the auditorium for this event. 


Hlis ntuj nqeg 20, 2021
Lub sij hawm
8: 00 pm - 10: 00 pm UTC

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