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Live At The Local Naas

Live at the Local: Naas


Live at the Local: NAAS brings three unique and exciting artists together for one night only.

Join us at the Random Inn, Lawlor’s Hotel, for an unmissable evening of live performances by musicians Emma Langford thiab Sive, and poet/performer FeliSpeaks. As well as individual performances, the show will feature a new cross-artform collaboration between all three of these trailblazing artists.

There are two performances to choose from, 7pm and 9pm. Doors opening 30 minutes prior to showtime, no late-comers will be admitted.

This event will be filmed by DARN SKIPPY NYOB and will be released as a concert film, directed by Richard Lennon.


Produced by CS Promotions and Darn Skippy Productions. Supported by Kildare County Council thiab funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media’s Local Live Performance Scheme.

**Artist photo credits: Stefan Tivodar (Sive) / Billy Cahill (FeliSpeaks) / Shane J. Horan (Emma Langford) 

***Disclaimer: This will be a filmed event. Please see the information on the Live at the Local: NAAS event pages and regarding usage.

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Lub rau hli ntuj 13, 2022
Lub sij hawm
9: 00 pm - 10: 00 pm UTC

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Lawlor's of Naas
Poplar Square
Nroog Kildare
wb 91y65n



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