JuneFest presents Conor Mahony & Friends - IntoKildare
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JuneFest presents Conor Mahony & Friends


Conor Mahony; musician, songwriter and singer will be returning to performing live to coincide with the release of his upcoming album “Strange country”, written with fellow musician Alan FitzGerald with whom he works jointly under the name ‘Dust’.

Conor merges a wide range of influences; jazz, blues, and impressionism, melodically, while giving a respectful nod to the roots of country and folk and their impact on his collaborative work in general and on this album in particular.
Joining Conor will be friends whom he has worked with – and for – over the years, promising a wonderful taste of some of the talent from sessions he has helped to organise and of which he is a big part.

Part of JuneFest 2022

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Lub rau hli ntuj 3, 2022
Lub sij hawm
8: 00 pm UTC

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