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Griese Youth Theatre

Griese Youth Theatre Performance – Culture Night

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Griese Youth Theatre is a local drama group which has been operating in The Meeting House, Ballitore for the last 21 years. To celebrate Culture Night 2021, extracts from three plays will be performed over two nights. These plays all deal with separate topics, incorporating Mental Health, Peer Pressure and Bullying. Frank Lee Speaking by Mary Benzies, Like Rapunzel by James Butler and Dancing with Myself by Leanne Griffin, will all be performed by the older members of GYT. This will be the second showing of these plays this year, the first being their end of term outdoor shows in June 2021.

On Culture Night, join Griese Youth Theatre for a performance of Dancing with Myself and an extract from Frank Lee Speaking at 7pm.

At 5pm on Saturday 18th, there will be a fun taster drama workshop for students from 1st/2nd year, followed by a performance of Like Rapunzel by James Butler at 7pm.

Pre-booking essential by calling 085 2021884

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Cuaj hlis 18, 2021
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5: 00 pm UTC

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