Foraging Day with Soearth Projects - IntoKildare
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Foraging Event

Foraging Day with Soearth Projects


Walk around the 300 plus acre bio-diverse and organic farm, this will be guided by Stephen Morrison who is a farmer and an expert in all things foraging.

Learn about nature and immerse your senses in a diverse range of nature.

A three course & candle lit meal with local organically sourced and foraged food which may include ingredients such as Hartwell honey sourced from bee hives, Elderflower wine, organic berries and herbs, field mushrooms and plenty more!


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Lub yim hli ntuj 27, 2022
Lub sij hawm
3: 00 pm - 9: 00 pm UTC

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W91 YF6H
Nroog Kildare
W91 YF6H